Meet Nichola

Meet Nichola    Nichola Bird has been breeding exhibition budgies for under three years and exhibiting for just two show seasons. In 2018 she showed at 16 shows around the country and this year 2019 at 23 shows to try and...


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Feather Plucking Video No..1

Birdworld Video Collection Number No.1 Another video made by Mike Chase giving some more useful advice. Featured Episode 1 Feather plucking can be upsetting To start this series Mike’s video shows chicks that have been...



Dartford Kent BS Newsletter No.6

Birdworld have received the latest newsletter from the Dartford Kent BS. You have to agree this club is one up and coming clubs who have embraced technology to prompt DKBS and the hobby. Well done Dartford Kent BS. Newsletter...

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Leeds Budgerigar Society

Leeds BS Young Stock Show cancelled The 'Virtual Show' takes it's place on 14th June DETAILS Due to the coronavirus the Leeds BS Young Stock Show which is held annually has had to be cancelled. But that doesn’t mean we...

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    • Congenital Deafness?
      Several years ago I adopted a budgie who had been rescued from an animal hoarder. Alice appeared to have PTSD, and she didn't interact properly with other budgies. For the first couple of years I had her, she would only interact with Ziggy, a male who I adopted around the same time as her. When...
    • Budgie trill mix!11432!3!459953109539!!!g!323183918841!&ds_rl=1254319&gclid=CjwKCAjwiaX8BRBZEiwAQQxGx8heH8dJj05qhmplmm5sdmRi__l1B73e3kp7VKfusw_jmDbDcAbE3BoCDS4QA...
    • Mouse help please
      So today I was cleaning the birds room and saw a mouse and then I put a trap with posion on. I will remove it tomorrow as I know if ingested the posion will kill the birds but I will remove it tomorrow. Also what dilution of f10 would I use to disinfect the room […]

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    • Call of the Sage-Grouse October 20, 2020
      In the Red Desert of Wyoming, Erik Molvar takes us up close and personal with a Greater Sage-Grouse mating site, known as a lek. “Anybody who’s ever been to a singles bar will recognize this scene,” Erik says. “The males are puffing out their chests, strutting around, trying to catch the female’s (BirdNote)
    • White-browed Coucal October 19, 2020
      This White-browed Coucal - also known as Burchell's Coucal - is common in many parts of Africa. "Streaky and sneaky" best describes these birds, because you'll be lucky if you see one. Dew from their dense habitat often dampens their feathers. Then, they hop to the top of a bush and spread their (BirdNote)
    • Tony Angell Reflects on Nature October 18, 2020
      Tony Angell, gazing on Puget Sound, writes: "From the beach below, that evocative perfume of the sea, decaying kelp, is wafted up on the breeze... Near the shore, disputing kingfishers rattle in their mercenary manner, chasing one another... Behind me, in the woods, a Cooper's hawk chants and ravens (BirdNote)
    • Cattle Egret - You've Got a Friend in Me October 17, 2020
      Many birds that forage in open country, such as Cattle Egrets, benefit from association with large grazing mammals. The mammals scare up insects as they move, making them more visible to the birds. In the egrets’ native lands in Africa, the birds feed with elephants, rhinos, and Cape buffalos. In (BirdNote)
    • Chipping Sparrows October 16, 2020
      The begging calls of male baby Chipping Sparrows mix into what is known as "subsong," a sort of infant babbling. And, very quickly, subsong begins to change to imitations of adult songs. Next spring, when the young male returns for its first breeding season, it will settle in near an older male (BirdNote)
    • Hudsonian Godwit October 15, 2020
      Hudsonian Godwits are tough birds to find, and they were once thought extinct due to overhunting. After nesting at sites scattered in the High Arctic, they migrate south on a route that takes them over the ocean from Canada to South America. In spring, they head north through the Great Plains (BirdNote)
    • Acorn Woodpecker October 14, 2020
      He doesn't sound exactly like Woody Woodpecker, but the Acorn Woodpecker was probably the model for the cartoon character. The story goes that Walter Lantz and his new bride, Grace, were on their honeymoon in a cabin in California. A racket on their roof drew them outside, where they spotted an (BirdNote)

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    • Videos: CahowCam2 Chick Leaves Burrow June 15, 2020
      On the evening of June 10, the CahowCam 2 chick named ‘Zephyr’ left the burrow on Nonsuch Island and took off over the open sea, completing the 2020 Cahow nesting season. A spokesperson said, “Right in the middle of World Oceans Week, at 10:32 pm on June 10, as viewers from around the World watched […]
    • Video: Nemo CahowCam1 Chick Has Fledged June 2, 2020
      At 2.03am on May 25, the Cahow chick named ‘Nemo’ of burrow #831 – from which CahowCam1 has been live streaming – fledged. Jeremy Madeiros, Chief Terrestrial Conservation Officer, The Department of the Environment and Natural Resources, said, “At 86 days old, this is one of the shortest Cahow fledging times that I have logged. […]

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