Meet Nichola

Meet Nichola    Nichola Bird has been breeding exhibition budgies for under three years and exhibiting for just two show seasons. In 2018 she showed at 16 shows around the country and this year 2019 at 23 shows to try and...


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Feather Plucking Video No..1

Birdworld Video Collection Number No.1 Another video made by Mike Chase giving some more useful advice. Featured Episode 1 Feather plucking can be upsetting To start this series Mike’s video shows chicks that have been...



Budgerigar society Press Announcement

  The BS Club Show 2020Recommendations received by the General Council (GC) from the Club Show Committee said that due to continued uncertainty of Government Guidelines on COVID-19 and the unknown time-scale for lifting the...

Dartford Kent BS Newsletter No.6

Birdworld have received the latest newsletter from the Dartford Kent BS. You have to agree this club is one up and coming clubs who have embraced technology to prompt DKBS and the hobby. Well done Dartford Kent BS. Newsletter...

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Leeds Budgerigar Society

Leeds BS Young Stock Show cancelled The 'Virtual Show' takes it's place on 14th June DETAILS Due to the coronavirus the Leeds BS Young Stock Show which is held annually has had to be cancelled. But that doesn’t mean we...

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LEEDS BUDGERIGAR SOCIETY MEETING DATES FOR 2020    Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month at:  Troydale Recreational Club  Troydale Grove  Pudsey West Yorkshire  LS28 9LA  Meetings start at 8.00pm prompt...

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Another prosecution

PIGEON FANCIER CONVICTED     A pigeon fancier has been convicted of killing a sparrowhawk, with a catapult in his neighbour’s garden. Yovanis Cruz pleaded guilty at Portsmouth Magistrates Court and was fined £653 plus...

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    • Can I give my bird maple branches?
      Hi everyone, I’m just wondering if it would be appropriate to give my budgie some maple branches. The tree needs a trimming and I thought he might like them. We don’t use any pesticides on it, it gets cinnamon sprinkled at its base to ward off ants. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • Breaking Point, help please !
      Hi, This is Suyu with the 4month old CAG with a fractured femur just a few days ago. My previous post has talked about what happened with his leg and actually, things have took a turning point just a few hours ago prior to me writing this post because things at home has reached a […]
    • Molting Fun
      Seems to be molting season and I missed the tug-of-war with the feather here. Just enjoying all this and wishing everyone the best. Image:

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    • Grassland Meander August 7, 2020
      In summer, the grasslands of southern Saskatchewan resound with bird song. This Bobolink is among the birds that combine their voices in a rich, ringing chorus. Through these grasslands flows the Frenchman River, twisting and looping — the epitome of a meandering river. The southern reaches of the (BirdNote)
    • Life on the Beach with Wilson's Plovers August 6, 2020
      Along the Gulf of Mexico, you’ll find undeveloped sandy flats and shallow lagoons. This is prime habitat for Wilson’s Plovers to nest and raise their chicks. But life on the beach can be tough for birds. In many parts of its U.S. range on the Gulf and south Atlantic coasts, Wilson’s Plover habitat (BirdNote)
    • Sound Escapes 2 - Inviting You to Listen August 5, 2020
      We’re proud to share a new season of our podcast, Sound Escapes. Host Gordon Hempton transports us to some of the most incredible places on Earth through his nature recordings. Sound Escapes is made possible by the generous support of Jim and Birte Falconer of Seattle. (BirdNote)
    • Woodpeckers as Keystone Species August 4, 2020
      Woodpeckers - including this Northern Flicker - are master carpenters of the bird world. They're called "keystone" species for their crucial role in creating habitat suited to other woodland wildlife. Abandoned woodpecker nest-holes become nests or roosts for small owls, cavity-nesting ducks, swifts (BirdNote)
    • Working Turnstones Turn Stones August 3, 2020
      In John James Audubon’s “Birds of America,” he profiled the peculiar sandpiper we know today as the Ruddy Turnstone. As he describes it, the bird bends its legs to half their length, places its bill beneath the object to be turned, and with a sudden quick jerk of the head pushes it over. True to […] (BirdNote)
    • Shifts in Habitat = Shifts in Species August 2, 2020
      We asked David Sibley, creator and illustrator of The Sibley Guide to Birds, how changes in the environment are affecting birds such as this Brown Thrasher. He says, “A shift of habitat has caused a shift in the species” he's observed in the Northeastern US. For example, Wild Turkeys, Pileated (BirdNote)
    • Flammulated Owl August 1, 2020
      The Flammulated Owl is a study in camouflaged grays and browns, with cinnamon-brown shoulder straps and large brown eyes. This astute aerial predator stands a little more than six and a half inches tall, from its sharp-clawed feet to its stubby, ear-like tufts. It winters in southern Mexico or (BirdNote)

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    • Videos: CahowCam2 Chick Leaves Burrow June 15, 2020
      On the evening of June 10, the CahowCam 2 chick named ‘Zephyr’ left the burrow on Nonsuch Island and took off over the open sea, completing the 2020 Cahow nesting season. A spokesperson said, “Right in the middle of World Oceans Week, at 10:32 pm on June 10, as viewers from around the World watched […]
    • Video: Nemo CahowCam1 Chick Has Fledged June 2, 2020
      At 2.03am on May 25, the Cahow chick named ‘Nemo’ of burrow #831 – from which CahowCam1 has been live streaming – fledged. Jeremy Madeiros, Chief Terrestrial Conservation Officer, The Department of the Environment and Natural Resources, said, “At 86 days old, this is one of the shortest Cahow fledging times that I have logged. […]

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