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For the Budgerigar Society members, the upcoming EGM vote has certainly raised some questions.

Members of the BSPG Facebook group are questioning the validity for the vote.

The Extraordinary General Meeting was requested by 107 BS members who were prepared to wait until the current Covid emergency had passed.

The group has and is still gaining support and as of today more than 300 members.

Please read the following article which may give some clarity to what these members want to achieve.

The EGM Vote

I thought it right to put some perspective on all this so that any BS Member ‘watching from the side lines’ might think on what has happened here and just maybe give everyone some food for thought? I do not agree with the EGM vote as the BS Rules allow for an Extra-Ordinary Meeting, not a vote but it is what it is.

A group of fanciers, no different to you, we have a birdroom in the garden with Budgerigars and we do it for the love of the bird, got together because of their concern for the ‘fancy’ and where it was being led.

The group, now known as the Budgerigar Society Progression Group (BSPG), acted totally within the Rules of the Budgerigar Society and gathered enough signatures of likeminded people to request an EGM to remove the present Chairman and to discuss our concerns about where the Society was being taken. (I have explained it is not, nor has ever been a personal issue about the present Chairman. It is more the fact that the Chairman is the person to drive change and progress ideas to improve the hobby which the BSPG believe has been sadly lacking)

But let us look at what has happened under the present Chairman and you make your own mind up?

The latest you will see is that the entire list of 107 names on that EGM, together with their signatures, leaving them worried about identity fraud, has been produced in the BS magazine, now, I cannot believe that any reasonably minded BS member will think that is right BUT if you think they would not do the same to you if it suited their purpose then my question to you is ‘What makes you so special that it will not happen to you?’

There is an advert on the inside front page inviting you, the member to contact the BS with your ideas, suggestions through various methods many of them being computer based, which looks great BUT if you use any of those suggestions does that not make you the immediate ‘Keyboard Warrior’ (a term intended to be derogatory) that is subject to so much ridicule and belittling throughout BUT if you think that will not happen to you then again I ask ‘What makes you so special that it will not happen to you?’

See Page 15/16 of the Sept/Oct 2020 ‘Budgerigar’ to see the provocative language, the belittling and disrespect shown to the average member(s) who dare speak out, all this under your Chairman and there you will read comments like ‘bitter, twisted and ill-informed member’ and ‘extremely ignorant this person and some of his colleagues are’ BUT if you think that will not happen to you then again I ask ‘What makes you so special’?

Obviously if you should be unhappy with what is happening at the BS and dare to say anything and become by their definition a ‘Keyboard Warrior’ then I would strongly advise you to read the article in the May/June 2020 ‘Budgerigar’ page 07 on ‘Understanding Negativity on Social Media’ it is most illuminating and brings home the mental health issues suffered by many, so beware if you are going to say something BUT if you think that would not be aimed at you then again I ask ‘What makes you so special?’

And if after all of this you do make that approach to the BS, with your ideas and suggestions of how to improve our hobby, if that does not meet with the approval of your Chairman, then all that has to be done is similar to the issue of the Press release of September 2020 whereby the ‘GC agreed this is the last time they will discuss this matter’ BUT if you think that will not happen to you then I ask ‘What makes you so special?’

I have not imagined all of this, nor have I made it up, all of this YOU can see in the magazine or the website BUT all of this has happened under the present Chairman. Am I wrong?

We have not heard one word from the Chairman himself, yes, we have constantly heard from his subordinate, but does he speak for the Chairman? You have to say ‘yes’ otherwise if he does not, then surely that makes the Chairman no more than a puppet?

I, you, we, have to accept that every word and action carried out has been at the direction of the present Chairman and for me that is totally and utterly unacceptable BUT if you think it won’t ever happen to you then ‘What makes you so special and so very different to me and the other 106 signatories?’

Maybe he will claim that his subordinate acted without his full consent in the direction he has taken but what is not in doubt in anyway is that this has happened under the present Chairman’s watch and that cannot be denied by anyone.

I am fed up with hearing from the assistant, I did expect to hear from the Chairman himself at some point but maybe that is the whole issue in a ‘nutshell’, more than happy to leave things to assistants instead of moving things forward himself, exactly what the BSPG have been saying and maybe why the hobby has stalled-think on it, I ask you before you place your vote?

Otherwise it will be more of the same?

I firmly believe that the Budgerigar Society are its Members and that the individual elected GC Member is there to represent the Members views and for the Members benefit, it appears I am incorrect but is that not the way we all want and expect it to be run? It is certainly not how I expect any Chairman to conduct himself or herself in any discussion with the Members and remember, we pay for this, its not for free!

Of course, if you think you would never be treated like this, then my question to you is ‘What makes you so special and different to me?’

Please think on what I have said.

Thank you.