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Mike Chase Writes continued

ContinuedMy view on breeding budgerigars and other things By Mike Chase As previously stated, it was the uncaring breeding of our lovely budgerigar. Yes progress has to evolve but not to the detriment of the bird, and that’s...

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fantastic —–Thank you

Website stats information  WOW !     It is only thirteen days since    Birdworld.MEDIA  was launched. Thank you to all who have contributed by either submitting articles, video’s or event information.     The...

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Dartford BS Newsletter

  AGM Minutes – 16th January 2020 (7:30pm – 9:00pm) Venue: Phoenix Place Community Hall, Phoenix Place, Dartford, Kent, DA1 2XG ATTENDEES:   John Bird, Nichola Bird, Tony Pringle, Raymond Welfare, Brian Hart, Nick Evans...

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Planned Trips for 2020

ALL TRIPS HAVE BEEN CANCELLED DUE TO THE CORONAVIRUS UK Aviary Visit weekend trip – Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th May 2020 Pick Up from John’s and Lakeside. First Aviary Visit will be to David Woan’s stud (2016 world...

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Attended Birmingham BS AGM

News & Updates Attended Birmingham BS AGM The venue took a little finding but the sat-nav did its job. First impression of the new venue very nice. Unfortunately there were no signs directing you to the meeting room. Having...

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    • Water silo
      How to clean water silos.
    • Bill Belichick definitely has a parrot.
      Image: Just saw this and that's the first thing I thought of. Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. -N
    • Information on conures
      Hello friends. As you all know I lost my birds and have been heartbroken since. I am not looking to get another bird right now and it might be a month or two before I even open to the prospect of it. My mother was deeply attached to Roco and she has not been coping […]

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    • Condors in the Pacific Northwest September 27, 2020
      In 1805, members of the Lewis and Clark expedition, while exploring north of the Columbia River, came upon a California Condor. David Douglas, the English naturalist, collecting the flora and fauna of the Columbia River country in the mid-1820s, found the great birds abundant along the lower river (BirdNote)
    • Voices of our National Public Lands September 26, 2020
      Saturday, September 26, 2020, is National Public Lands Day. Comprising nearly 850 million acres of land and 3.5 million square miles of ocean, our public lands and waters provide habitats vital to more than 1,000 species of birds, including this Bachman’s Sparrow. The diversity and richness of bird (BirdNote)
    • American White Pelicans September 25, 2020
      American White Pelicans have a nine-foot wingspan, nearly that of the California Condor. In summer, they breed mainly in the interior west of the United States and Canada, favoring shallow portions of lakes, marshes, and rivers, where they scoop fish from the water in the pouches of their beaks. (BirdNote)
    • Cedar Waxwings - Sleek and Handsome September 24, 2020
      When courting in spring, male and female Cedar Waxwings communicate with distinctly different calls and, perched side by side, often pass back and forth between them a berry or other small fruit or even a flower petal. Waxwings display a wealth of eye-catching plumage. If you relish the company of (BirdNote)
    • What in the World Is a Hoopoe? September 23, 2020
      The soft, modest hoots of the Hoopoe signal a bird so distinctive and fabled that it’s hard to know where to begin this story. Hoopoes are the only existing members of a unique family of birds: Upupidae. They fly on rounded, zebra-striped wings, fluttering unevenly like a giant butterfly. The Hoopoe (BirdNote)
    • Vanishing Sagebrush September 22, 2020
      Caleb McAdoo, Nevada Department of Wildlife biologist, takes us on a tour through disappearing sagebrush country. The Martin Fire, the biggest wildfire in Nevada state history, burned through 435,000 acres in 2018. After fires, sagebrush has to contend with a faster growing plant, cheatgrass. The (BirdNote)
    • Sandhill Cranes Wait Out the Storm September 21, 2020
      At the fall equinox, gillnetter Misha Noonan would often get stuck at the far east end of the Copper River Delta, waiting out the storms. Once the storms were so unrelenting, that not only were fishermen unable to return to Cordova, but Sandhill Cranes were unable to proceed with their southeast (BirdNote)

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    • Videos: CahowCam2 Chick Leaves Burrow June 15, 2020
      On the evening of June 10, the CahowCam 2 chick named ‘Zephyr’ left the burrow on Nonsuch Island and took off over the open sea, completing the 2020 Cahow nesting season. A spokesperson said, “Right in the middle of World Oceans Week, at 10:32 pm on June 10, as viewers from around the World watched […]
    • Video: Nemo CahowCam1 Chick Has Fledged June 2, 2020
      At 2.03am on May 25, the Cahow chick named ‘Nemo’ of burrow #831 – from which CahowCam1 has been live streaming – fledged. Jeremy Madeiros, Chief Terrestrial Conservation Officer, The Department of the Environment and Natural Resources, said, “At 86 days old, this is one of the shortest Cahow fledging times that I have logged. […]

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