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Going to a Conference unprepared is not good Your website is your conference centre. Someone thinking of coming into the hobby. May use the internet and do there research. Your website is your shop window, so why do we find many...

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My view on breeding budgerigarsBy Mike Chase Hello – Some of you will know me and others are saying … who the hell is this bloke? Well, I’m Mike Chase, sometimes known as “Chasey” ….. and I can hear some groans...

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Training Perches

NICHOLA BIRD Training Perches Sharing show winning tips After all the enquiries I’ve had regarding my training cage perches I’m absolutely delighted to announce that following a demonstration at today’s Budgerigar Society...

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Meet Nichola

Meet Nichola    Nichola Bird has been breeding exhibition budgies for under three years and exhibiting for just two show seasons. In 2018 she showed at 16 shows around the country and this year 2019 at 23 shows to try and...

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    • May have to rehome our birds?
      ---Quote (Originally by SunnyTheConure)--- So since having the budgie the bird room has been so dusty. And 2 weeks ago I got a lot of phlegm I coughed up. The 3 days ago I got a cough and runny nose which disappeared after 2 hours. Then again today when into the bird room straight after […]
    • Today in Art Class
      Image: Today in art class Meisha sculptured a pinecone into a fluffy-cone as a insert for her shadow box. She machined the leaves, known as scales, down to umbo filaments. Image:
    • Need Help & Advice
      So I have had me and my parent's cockatiels (We have two) for over a year now and part of me wants to add another bird but I want to find the right one for me. My bird, Artemis, is not very active and prefers cuddles and scritches more than anything. I want a bird […]

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    • New Zealand Bellbird April 16, 2021
      A forest in New Zealand rings with the sound of bellbirds, also known as Korimako or Makomako. Many bellbirds sing together, especially in the morning. Pairs sing duets. And a pair may counter-sing with its neighbors, perhaps letting them know that this patch of land is taken. It all builds to a (BirdNote)
    • Scissor-tailed Flycatcher April 15, 2021
      The Scissor-tailed Flycatcher nests in the open country of Texas, Oklahoma, and the south-central region. It's an elegant bird with a slender, deeply forked tail longer than its body. Agile in flight, it can spread and fold its tail, altering the surface area, like an extra pair of wings. When (BirdNote)
    • The Alula April 14, 2021
      Adjusting the flaps on an airplane’s wing allows a pilot to control lift and drag — and the design of these flaps was inspired by the wings of birds. All flying birds have what’s called an alula on each wing. At the center of the front edge of the wing is a structure covered with […] (BirdNote)
    • Snipe Hunt April 13, 2021
      One of the most ethereal of spring sounds is that made by the Wilson's Snipe. Much as if they were playing a reed instrument, the male snipe produces a winnowing sound in flight by metering, with his wings, the flow of air over his tail-feathers. Among the most venerable of practical jokes anywhere (BirdNote)
    • Wandering Albatross Molt April 12, 2021
      Most birds molt and regrow their flight or wing feathers—one at a time along each wing—to stay in prime condition for flying. But for a Wandering Albatross, with a whopping 10- to 12-foot wingspan, that’s a big job! It takes the large albatrosses a full year to molt, and they have to put off (BirdNote)
    • The Thieving Magpie? April 11, 2021
      Rossini’s 1815 opera, The Thieving Magpie, tells of a household maid who nearly goes to the gallows for stealing silver from her employers. At the last instant, it’s revealed that the thief was actually a magpie. The opera was so popular in its day that it’s believed to have helped cement the (BirdNote)
    • What's Inside a Woodpecker's Nest Hole? April 10, 2021
      Many woodpeckers chisel out deep cavities in tree trunks in order to lay their eggs and raise their brood. The cavities hollowed out by the birds vary in size, depending on the species of woodpecker. The chamber of a tiny Downy Woodpecker descends about a foot from the opening, while the Pileated (BirdNote)

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    • Video: Cahow Chick On CahowCam 2 Revealed March 11, 2021
      As viewers from around the world watched online, the Cahow chick from the CahowCam2 burrow hatched on March 9 [Tuesday]. A spokesperson said, “March 9th 2021 @ 9:42 pm the newest CahowCam Star made its’ first appearance on camera confirming the completion of the hatching process that had started the night before. Bermuda Cahow Hatch […]
    • “Hatching Alert” For Online CahowCam 2 March 9, 2021
      The Cahow egg being watched by the online CahowCam 2 is on “hatching alert,” with hatching expected to take place in the next 7-10 days. A spokesperson said, “During the night of March 8-9, there began to be indications that the egg being incubated by the adult female Cahow [band no. E0172] in the CahowCam […]

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