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Website stats information  WOW !     It is only thirteen days since    Birdworld.MEDIA  was launched. Thank you to all who have contributed by either submitting articles, video’s or event information.     The...

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    • Ultra sonic filter free humidifier safe?
      Can anyone tell me if ultrasonic, filter free humidifiers are safe for using in my birds room? I need to buy one asap, and all I see on Amazon are Ultrasonic ones. Please help?
    • Cockateil owners
      Quick question what's it like to own a cockateil? Are they calm birds in that they sit on u and not fly around constantly like a budgie. And what is the major personality differences between linnies and cockateils.
    • Is this safe

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    • Here Come the Barred Owls February 26, 2021
      The emphatic hoots of a pair of Barred Owls resonate in the still of a winter's night. Like many owls, Barred Owls initiate their vocal courtship in winter. And they're among the most vocal. These owls have more than a dozen calls, ranging from a "siren call" to a "wail" to a wonderfully (BirdNote)
    • Nest Boxes Help Bring Birds Back February 25, 2021
      Wherever you live, chances are a sweet-singing, cavity-nesting bird would be happy to perform in your yard — and it might stick around if you offer it a cozy nest box, like the one this Carolina Wren enjoys. Natural cavities, like old woodpecker holes, are often in short supply. So putting up a box (BirdNote)
    • Sanderlings February 24, 2021
      Here and there along winter shorelines, little flocks of pale, silvery shorebirds probe at the water's edge, keeping pace with each wave's ebb and flow. These are Sanderlings, small sandpipers that stay through the winter. Rachel Carson, in Under the Sea Wind, described Sanderlings as running "with (BirdNote)
    • Kelp in the Eagles’ Nest February 23, 2021
      A pair of Bald Eagles will reuse their nest each year and repair it with new tree branches. But recently in British Columbia, scientists came across an eagle nest made largely out of dried kelp. Back in the ‘90s, that very nest had been made out of tree branches. What changed? Sea Otters were (BirdNote)
    • Long-eared Owl - You Don't See Me! February 22, 2021
      Long-eared Owls aren’t rare, and they don’t live in remote locations. But their plumage and habits make them incredibly elusive. The mixture of warm browns and cool, bark-like grays lends the bird an astonishingly branch-like appearance. When potential predators approach, the birds close their (BirdNote)
    • The Elegant Black Tern February 21, 2021
      Elegant Black Terns breed in summer on secluded wetlands across the northern states and Canada. Because of major losses of wetlands in their breeding range — especially in Canada's prairie provinces — Black Tern numbers have dropped dramatically since the 1960s. The future of this beautiful bird (BirdNote)
    • Altamira Oriole February 20, 2021
      It was only in 1939 that this Altamira Oriole was first found north of the Rio Grande River. Now it happily visits residents on the Texas side of the river, especially where a juicy orange half waits in a backyard feeder. Northerly breeding orioles, like Bullock's in the West and the Baltimore in (BirdNote)

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    • Column: Rediscovery Of The Bermuda Cahow January 28, 2021
      [Opinion column written by Glenn Fubler] The January 28, 1951 rediscovery of the Cahow – a sea bird which once flourished in Bermuda, but was thought to be extinct for 300 years – was a watershed event. That revelation had both local and global implications as it was symbolic of the type of rebirth being […]
    • Virtual Cahow Lunch & Learn On January 28 January 24, 2021
      In celebration of the 70th anniversary of the rediscovery of the Cahow, a virtual lunch and learn event will be held on Thursday [Jan 28], with guest speakers Dr. David Wingate, Miguel Mejias, and Jeremy Maderios taking part. A spokesperson said, “In celebration of the iconic 70th anniversary of the rediscovery of the Cahow, a […]

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