Covid-19 has been causing havoc throughout the world

The UK has suffered, and we should not forget those who have lost of lives.

Bird clubs have suffered during lockdown.

With meeting and shows cancelled, we have consoled ourselves with our birds.

Clubs and forums have adapted by using technology. Offering live productions through Facebook and zoom a cloud-based video conferencing service, giving you a virtue service.

YouTube allows you to upload videos and share with likeminded people.


Clubs like Mid Essex and Dartford Kent BS along with EBF (Exhibition Budgerigar Forum) are great examples of people within the hobby. Which are pushing the boundaries and bringing the hobby into your living room.

Dartford Kent BS are having virtue shows and more, the virtue shows are not intended to replace live shows, but they are keeping the interest alive.

Here is a Dartford Kent BS link


Although l did not watch the Phil Reaney broadcast live, l did catch the broadcast on the Budgerigar Society Progression Facebook group. Interesting and very thought provoking.

Here the link to the Phil Reaney broadcast setup by Ricky Anderson