AGM Minutes – 16th January 2020 (7:30pm – 9:00pm)
Venue: Phoenix Place Community Hall, Phoenix Place, Dartford, Kent, DA1 2XG

ATTENDEES:   John Bird, Nichola Bird, Tony Pringle, Raymond Welfare, Brian Hart, Nick Evans & Adrian Sels

Welcome:    The Chairperson, John Bird, opened the meeting by welcoming the members and thanking them for their attendance.

Apologies:    Apologies were received from: Kevin Rogers, Norman Long, Vilius Karalius, Gary Todd, Brian Taylor, Sarah, Stewart & Ginge.

2019 AGM Minutes:    Unavailable.

Chairperson’s Annual Report:    The Chairperson, John Bird, started by thanking the committee for all their hard work and support throughout 2019.
John stated 2019 was our first full year since the club was founded at the end of 2018 and believed it had been a good year. John said he hoped members had enjoyed the program provided throughout 2019, which was instantly met with resounding agreement by those members in attendance.
John reminisced about some of the highlights of the year, which included a talk by an Avian Vet, our Aviary visit weekend trip to some of the top Budgie Studs in England, the Young Bird Show and Members Show which were expertly Judged by Connor Hickman and Brian Scott respectively, who also provided a running commentary whilst judging, which was both interesting and enlightening. The success of the two shows mentioned, culminated in our Club Open Show, which proved to have the highest number of birds benched for a BS Rosette status show in England in 2019, with 222 birds benched, achieving Championship Bronze status for our Club Show in 2020. John acknowledged and thanked all our club members and friends for their hard work and effort in delivering our first ever Open Show, ensuring its ultimate success. John gave a Special thanks to Brian Hart who kindly built our show cage surrounds, donating his time and materials.
John talked of the challenges the club had experienced finding a suitable, affordable premises to hold our club meetings, recognising our two previous club venues, which were pubs, were not conducive to a suitable environment. John then went on to thank Adrian Sels, who identified our current club venue, which is perfect!

John encouraged the members to take this opportunity to put themselves forward for a position on the club Committee, helping to steer the direction the club takes moving forward, confirming all positions on our committee have been vacated in line with our club rules, in order for Committee members to be elected/re-elected annually.
Finally, John thanked all the members for their continued support. John stated “this is your club and the committee welcome and indeed encourage any suggestions from members that would further enhance our club.”

Treasurers Annual Report:    At our previous AGM, the balance brought forward figure was £333.00. At the end of our financial year, taking into consideration all entries relating to 2019, the club finances stood at £913.58, representing a profit of £580.58.

The profit was predominantly made up of £184.68 Open Show profit, which included our Show raffle. £53.20 donated by our main club sponsor Kevin Bore of Avi-Smart Bird Products, representing commission generated from products purchased by members. £60 profit from the sale of our trailer and the remaining profit represented proceeds from our monthly club meeting bird raffles.
Assets:    Bird Show Staging worth approximately £1000.00
Members expressed satisfaction in the club’s finances.
Sponsorship Secretary’s Report:     Our Chairperson John Bird, also doubles up as the clubs Sponsorship Secretary. John reported, through hard work and persistence, he has managed to get a number of sponsors on board to sponsor our club, whether that be products used as raffles prizes at our club meetings, or cash to support our shows.
John said he would like to say a big thank you to Kevin Bore from Avi-Smart Bird Products, who was our main sponsor last year. Kevin generously supported our club with products for our raffles, commission from products sold to our members, Raffle Birds for our Open Show, as well as setting up an Online Raffle on his Avi-Smart website page, all of which together raised a considerable amount of money for our club and is greatly appreciated. John went on to say, “Kevin also sponsored the Rosettes for our Club Open Show, which were undoubted the best Rosettes I have ever seen.”
John then proceeded to go through the list of sponsors that had also helped our club during 2019, thanking them for their support.
Election of Committee Members:     The Chairperson explained how the process worked and invited members to volunteer for roles which make up the Committee.       The following roles were required to be filled…

Role Title & Volunteer’s Names                                                Proposed By:        Seconded By:
Chairperson:                              John Bird                                        Tony Pringle            Nick Evans
Secretary:                                 Tony Pringle                                    Nichola Bird            Ray Welfare                                        Treasurer:                                 Ray Welfare                                    John Bird                Tony Pringle
Trainee Show Manager:           Ray Welfare                                    Tony Pringle            Nichola Bird       
Trainee Show Secretary:          Kevin Eckersall      John Bird
Commercial Sponsorship Sec: John Bird                                        Ray Welfare            Brian Hart
Private Sponsorship Sec:         Nichola Bird                                    John Bird                Tony Pringle      
Patronage Secretary:               John Bird        

Assistant Raffle Secretary:             Sarah Humphries-Smalldridge               John Bird                      Tony Pringle      

Committee Members without roles: Brian Hart & Nick Evans.        John Bird                 Tony Pringle                                                                                                                                                Tony Pringle                  Nichola Bird

Bio Security:                                   Ray Welfare & Tony Pringle                       John Bird                      Nichola Bird

Catering Manager:                Adrian Sels                                        Ray Welfare            Tony Pringle
Raffle Secretary: Ginge: (Not at meeting but pre agreed with Ginge & Sarah)   Brian Hart           Nick Evans 

 Asst Raffle Secretary:         Sarah Humphries-Smalldridge          John Bird                  Tony Pringle      

Committee Members without roles: Brian Hart & Nick Evans.      John Bird                  Tony Pringle           
Date Of Next AGM:     21st January 2021
Chairperson Closed The AGM Meeting:    The AGM closed at 9pm, with the Chairperson thanking members for their participation.

After the club AGM, the committee discussed other general business as follows:

Members were handed out the club’s program for 2020, which was created collaboratively by three of our members. John said it was the best program he had seen, explaining he believed there was something for all members to enjoy and thanked those members who created it.