Welcome to Dartford Kent Budgerigar Society newsletter No12. which has been converted into a video format. This is only a trial; our media department has added a few banners and animation. The most important addition is the introduction of audio content. Should you not wish to listen to the audio then just mute the volume on the player controls.

By adding audio, the video is over 40 minutes long, however with the smart player you to view a Table of Contents on the left-hand side of the screen. The control is on the indicated in the diagram below.

Click on the section you wish to view,  and you go to that section.



BW hope that you embrace our attempt to promote Dartford Kent BS in another format.

BW have created this video ( free of charge ) and will continue to support DKBS.

Having gain permission from the DKBS, birdworld.media are able give you access to their newletter No.12 in a different format.

The club has worked hard to presents this excellent newsletter and by using video as the media to deliver it’s message we hope you enjoyed our efforts.