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Number No.3

After seeing this video on a Facebook group. Birdworld ask for permission to publish Martin Frosts video on this website.

Video Creator

After Martin’s intervention the hen made a full recovery. Next day she returned to the main flight and is looking good.

Featured Episode 3

Egg Bound can be fatal

Thanks to Martin’s for sharing his tips on removing a egg blockage


WOW! what a video. Immediately after viewing this video, Birdworld contacted the creator Martin Frost asking for his permission to publish the video on this website. Martin has kindly given his permission; Facebook is a great platform, but posts do tend to get buried. Most people in this hobby has at sometime lost a good hen through being egg bound.

On viewing the video, it occurred to me “How would you spot a hen that has this problem”.

Martin duly replied and gave me the answer. On the daily inspection of the nestboxes, if there are any signs that the hen is fluffed up and with cold eggs. Has the hen got a issue, and does not feel well enough to sit the clutch? Could it be egg bound or is it something else?.


Birdworld is trying an audio description file to aid people who find the text differcult to read.