Website stats information

 WOW !     It is only thirteen days since   

Birdworld.MEDIA  was launched.

Thank you to all who have contributed by either submitting articles, video’s or event information.



The statistics for this sites visitors is really encouraging

SO i have decided to share a little information with you.



For establish websites the details may not be special. 



  • Visiting Countries 25 25% 25%
  • Unique Visitor 676 67.6% 67.6%
  • Number of Hits 28,472 28.472% 28.472%
  • Number of active days 13 13% 13%

Looking a little deeper at the numbers we get more impressive figures. 12,046 page viewed in the UK which equates to 927 page per day.

Our website is designed to be viewed on all type of devices.

Not all clubs have a I.T. expert, it is hope that this magazine will allow you to get your message across to people who maybe interested in birds or bird keeping.

With your continued support we can achieve so much.

Main Aim

Our magazine is a ongoing project which is collating club event information. Our aim is to provide a platform to reach all bird keepers, whether it be budgerigars, canaries, the pigeon fancy or even the falconry  no sections are excluded.

Our websites works on various types of devices, so it is hoped we will be able to reach a greater audience.

 It makes sense so don’t delay and get your club listed.