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Birdworld Video Collection

Number No.2

Featured Episode

Feather plucking can be upsetting

To start this series Mike’s video shows chicks that have been feather plucked.

Season 1, Episode 2   |    6.01 mins

Feather Plucking

There are many aspects of this hobby that are extremely frustrating and sometimes upsetting – this video shows the latter so prepare yourself if you haven’t seen this before.

For some unknown reason many of the paired hens decided to start plucking the down and feathers off the backs of their own chicks. There were no telltale signs that something was wrong until I opened up the nest-boxes in the usual morning routines. They didn’t all start plucking at the same time.

When you come across this type of thing it’s upsetting for sure – I was lucky that I caught these poor buggers before the hens had a chance to kill them all …. no , that’s not an over-statement. I ended up transferring chicks from box to box and only lost one or two in the end. Some of the feathers on the chicks recovered and some didn’t recover fully – I might take a video of those birds that I kept as they were nice budgies apart from deformed feathers on their backs.

Mike’s mentor and good friend is Andy Edden who is a champion breeder,              and has always been available to give advice and support if needed.

Mike followed up with second video showing how the feather pluck chicks have faired after there ordeal. Another useful tip regarding discarded egg shells in the nestbox can have a catastrophic effect on chicks still to hatched.