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Ex General Council member.

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This is alternative view which all Budgerigar Society members should visit before casting your EGM vote.


For the attention of every BS Member, who is at all interested in the true information about the future of our hobby.!!!! people must start to understand that the unfortunate thing is, it’s not The person that is Maurice, he is a very decent guy. BUT he’s walked all over by other members of Council.!!!and let’s be honest the BS in general, just refuse to listen to anyone who disagrees with the same old, same old. and at the end of the day, the book stops with the Chairman??? When this challenge started and I was asked my opinion, I did say that people would rally round him, NOT because he’s a poor leader but because he’s a really nice person.??but having spent 9 years in Council, I know first-hand that he’s a poor Chairman, but a nice person. Another Council member is happy to allow Maurice be the whipping boy… in reality it’s should the other Council Member ,who should be made accountable!!!!!..

The alternative

BW are trying to give you the alternative view, as members of the Budgerigar Society you should be able to read both sides of the argument, and the reasoning for why 107 members called for the EGM.

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