Only 7 members attended the 1st meeting of the Warwickshire BS. Some members were unable to attend due to work.  The seven who made the effort had a pleasant discussion on a variety of topics. If you know Bruce Greenway his pleasant manor comes over good and his stories of the hobby could entertain you for number of hours.

However other matters had to be discussed and it saddens me to say one of these was should the club continue or fold. Our hobby is struggling for a number reasons, struggling to attract new members. We only hold nine meetings throughout the year, but at some of those meeting we only had 3 members attending mainly due to members work commitments.

However l am pleased to say we will attempt to continue with the club and hope that we can increase the membership.

Bruce is working on a events program and we will post the program once it has been agreed Should you feel you would like come and join our club then you are more than welcome.

Our meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month in Coventry at the Jubilee Crescent Centre.

Next Meeting 17th March 2020

Jubilee Crescent Community Centre

Jubilee Cres, Radford, Coventry CV6 3EX