Going to a Conference unprepared is not good

Your website is your conference centre. Someone thinking of coming into the hobby. May use the internet and do there research.

Your website is your shop window, so why do we find many club websites that have not been updated, in some cases they are  years out of date.

“Why bother they don’t work” l here you say. That maybe so, but let’s take another look.

You tend to know most people in the hobby in your area.

But someone coming into the hobby does not. What do they find, last year’s event calender, outdated website links and so on. Professional sorry no , what’s that old saying

‘ First impressions ‘.


There are exceptions 

Mid Essex BS springs to mind, in my opinion a forward thinking club who are using all the expert knowledge of their members.

View Mid Essex website

Another website l have visited lately is the Leeds BS. A clean website but more importantly the information is up todate.




 Websites can’t breed birds

No but they can give good information to people thinking of coming into the hobby.

If you think supplying information that is out of date is good. Then carry on and you will be history.

Times have moved on, nurture what you have, embrace change.